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Are you feeling STUCK? Are you feeling uninspired? Feel like you aren't quite sure WHAT to DO exactly, or HOW to do it?

Do you hate your body with a passion? Try to control food and your weight obsessively and you can't seem to stop thinking about it?

Are you sick and tired of this vicious dysfunctional cycle of binging and restricting, yo-yo dieting, purging?

Do you punish yourself or self sabotage into old behaviors because you just don't believe you are worth it or deserve it? 

Do you feel like you have to "earn" or "prove" your worth through your size or what you put into your mouth?

Do you feel out of control over your emotions and your reactions to them?

Are you over the hiding, the lying, the guilt, the shame of it all and beating yourself up for still struggling with this even though you "should have" been over this years ago?
Kick Your Butt and Get Unstuck
I know how it feels to be stuck in this cycle. I felt powerless, like a victim to my own behaviors.. I was doing things I didn't want to be doing.. but I was doing them anyways and it pissed me of.. It frustrated the shit out of me. 

Some days I could have it totally "in control." But others were wildly out of control and I didn't know what to do. 

I couldn't control it-- I definitely tried. And I beat myself up and criticized myself for not being able to. "It should be easy... What the hell is wrong with ME ANYWAYS that I just can't do it?! What the F*CK, I'm a failure, I suck and I'll never be able to do this. I'll never be good ENOUGH... " And you begin to believe that since you are broken or fucked up in some way, that "I'm not even worthy or deserving of [it] anyways..."

I realized that when I thought I was controlling IT-- it actually was controlling ME.

I tried to get help in a lot of different places but it seemed like nothing really helped. For years and years I struggled with it. I forced myself to stop the behaviors even for long periods of time, but inevitably it would come back.

I *knew* what to do, I just couldn't *do* it.

But then something clicked for me.

I made a decision, a commitment to change. I wanted to heal all those deeper parts of me in order to truly break free.

I started to believe it was possible. I took action. I surrounded myself with materials, books, people and communities that believed in me, could offer me support along the way, and most importantly -- they knew I could do it. 

I learned so much along the way... and fast forward to 6 years later, I am here to share with you EVERYTHING I KNOW.
That's why I've created the RECOVERY REBOOT BOOTCAMP!! I designed it to help you get a REBOOT on everything related to your recovery.  A fresh start and a KICK IN THE BUTT to help you get UNSTUCK and move forward towards your DREAMS.
I'll share with you the exact steps and framework for how I recovered and how I've helped hundreds of others to recover too. By simply following my guidance, principles and taking massive action--you too can EMPOWER yourself to HEAL and RECOVER!! And I'm going to teach you exactly HOW!!!
In this Powerful 3 Hour Workshop you will learn:
  • Create a mindset and framework for success
  •  How to empower yourself to heal on every level
  •  How to become an Intuitive Eater 101
  •  Meal plans + structured eating
  •  How to forgive yourself and learn to love yourself
  •  Dismantling the ED Program
  •  Dis-identifying with the ED Voice
  •  Becoming your true authentic self
  •  Create and download your new operating system
  •  Grow your self esteem, trust + self worth as you evolve
  •  Beginning to walk to the path of finding your purpose and passion
  •  How to tap into the benefits of celebrating and praising yourself
  •  HOW and WHAT to take massive action on to get powerful results
In the Recovery Reboot Bootcamp you get:
  •  Powerful 3 Hour Workshop designed to teach you EVERYTHING you need to know to create a framework for full recovery so you know WHAT to do and HOW to do it
  • 33 Page Recovery Rebook Bootcamp Workbook
  •  Daily Plan + Routine Tracker
  •  Daily Intentions Worksheet
  •  Daily Intuitive Eater Planner Worksheet
  •  Create Authentic Framework Worksheet
  •  Healing Power Statement 32 Page Booklet
  •  Vision Board Homework
  •  Grounding + Centering 5 Min Meditation
  •  Stress Relief 5 Min Meditation
  •  Plus MORE Bonus downloadable resources
  •  MP3 downloads of the entire workshop to listen to over and over again
Here's what women are saying about this program:
Are you ready to learn what it *truly* takes to kick this thing in the butt FOR GOOD, to learn how to heal every part of you so that you too can break free and EMPOWER yourself to FULLY RECOVER???

Are you ready to dive deep within yourself and to finally find some RELIEF from what you've been struggling with?

Are you ready to finally COMMIT to changing your life for the better?? And knowing that this is not a *quick fix* but rather an entirely NEW WAY OF LIFE and going about your recovery that will surely SHIFT EVERYTHING about your life and how you approach it?

Are you ready to finally forgive yourself and learn how to *truly* love yourself and FEEL GOOD about yourself?

Are you ready to learn what it takes to create MASSIVE TRANSFORMATION and GROWTH in your life?

Are you ready to escape this vicious cycle you have been stuck in and step into the light of your destiny, your purpose, of discovering WHO YOU ARE and WHAT YOU ARE HERE FOR??

Click the button below to join us NOW for this RECOVERY REBOOT BOOTCAMP!!!
I can't wait to share this powerful information with you and help you begin to take action on it!!

In this powerful workshop you will have the opportunity to *learn* new concepts and principles, walk step by step through *HOW* to actually recover and receive all the exercises and tools you need to *achieve* it!!

You are so *worthy* and *deserving* of giving this great gift to yourself, beautiful soul.

I know you can do this.

I will believe in YOU until YOU CAN BELIEVE IN YOURSELF.

Join me in taking this next step along your journey. Into educating yourself and learning the concepts, principles and getting the tools you need to break free. There is NOTHING else out there LIKE THIS that is going to show you and walk you step by step on how to do this. 

I am SO EXCITED to have you join me for this workshop!!!!

Thank you so much for being here, beautiful soul, and remember if you never give up you will not fail!!! 

Recovery is a journey, a process and I am here to help guide you and show you along the way. I am no different or more special and if I can do it, so can you. 

You are so WORTHY AND DESERVING of happiness, love, joy, fulfillment, and of BREAKING FREE!!!!!!

I LOVE YOU!!!!!!

In light + love,

  • Powerful 3 Hour Workshop designed to teach you EVERYTHING you need to know to create a framework for full recovery so you know WHAT to do and HOW to do it
  • 33 Page Recovery Rebook Bootcamp Workbook
  • Daily Plan + Routine Tracker
  • Daily Intentions Worksheet
  • Daily Intuitive Eater Planner Worksheet
  • Create Authentic Framework Worksheet
  • Healing Power Statement 32 Page Booklet
  • Vision Board Homework
  • Grounding + Centering 5 Min Meditation
  • Stress Relief 5 Min Meditation
  • Plus MORE Bonus downloadable resources
  • MP3 downloads of the entire workshop to listen to over and over again
  • And So Much More...
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