What Is The Recovery Soul Tribe?
The Recovery Soul Tribe is an online private community and recovery road map for women committed to breaking free from their eating disorder in order to create a life they love! It might seem like a pie-in-the-sky dream now, but if you’re ready to take your first steps toward recovery in a loving, nurturing community, with mentors and guides to help you with every step...

Then you have found your tribe!
Why Should You Join The Recovery Soul Tribe?
Recovery can seem impossible.  No matter how much willpower you have (and you likely have a LOT) changing your eating habits can seem out of reach. 

It’s not as easy as following a meal plan, or having someone tell you to "just eat" or "just stop" doing the behaviors.  If it were, we’d all be free.

I know exactly where you are. I had a hardcore eating disorder for most of my life.  I was in and out of the hospital multiple times, and was told many years ago by an inpatient hospital director that I was hopeless-- that I was going to die from my eating disorder.

I spent many years trying to figure it out, but the traditional approach of working to just stop and let go of the behaviors didn't work.

I'd gain weight, lose weight, be at a normal weight, but no matter what the scale said, no matter what I looked like on the outside, I still didn't like myself. 

I didn't feel like I was ever ENOUGH.

Internally, I had an extremely negative voice in my head that I felt powerless over that told me I was fat, disgusting, worthless and that I was a burden to others.

I kept yo-yo dieting going up and down, restricting, binging, overexercising, punishing myself, basing my self esteem and even my mood on how my body looked and felt, what I did or didn't eat, or what other people thought about me. 

It was exhausting.

It seemed like no matter what I did, EVEN IF I could go long periods without behaviors at times, it still came back.

 I needed a new approach.

One that went deeper than just trying to stop the behaviors so that I didn't have to just "cope with" and "manage" my symptoms for the rest of my life.

I REJECTED the belief that I had to struggle with this the rest of my life-- I wanted to be FREE for GOOD.

I was sick and tired of being sick and tired!

Then it happened.

One day after yet another episode of the vicious eating disorder cycle, after being malnourished and binging and purging my brains out, I sat on my bathroom floor sobbing and crying uncontrollably.

 I had never felt so lonely, so ashamed, so broken and alone.  I felt as if I was trapped in a deep dark hole, locked in a prison of my own creation...

And in those moments of gut-wrenching pain, sadness, despair and depression... I had a moment of clarity.

I was finally ready to be done with it.

I NEVER wanted to feel that BAD, that guilty, ashamed, hopeless, powerless and out of control again.

I realized in those moments that nothing outside of me could "save" me.

That if I was going to do this, I mean TRULY BREAK FREE, that I would have to do the work. 

I would have to take responsibility and be willing to do the work on ALL levels-- physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually and heal myself as a whole.

I committed to myself that very day that I would do whatever it takes to get there.

I vowed to completely break free and to never give up until I got there.
That was the beginning of a beautiful journey for me.

7 years ago, I broke free.

I completely recovered from my eating disorder.

And so can you.

Even if you’ve already tried following countless plans or going to therapy or even checking yourself into recovery programs (I did all that and more!) you can recover.

Even if you doubt yourself, even if you don't believe right now that it's even possible for you, you can recover.

I'm here to show you exactly how I did it, to help you and guide you and show you the way in our newest comprehensive training and support program, The Recovery Soul Tribe!

The Recovery Soul Tribe can help you learn to overcome your struggles and here's why:

The ONLY way to true freedom is love. 

Your eating disorder cannot be fought. You've probably spent many years battling and fighting the ED.  When you fight it, you feed it.

The way to freedom is love. Self-love.

Every act in recovery is an act of self-love for yourself.

The trouble is, you haven’t (yet) been taught how to love yourself.  In fact, you haven’t even been taught how to FIND yourself, let alone LOVE who you find.

The biggest secret to overcoming your eating disorder and creating a life you love is this:

When your authentic self becomes bigger than the eating disorder, when you are stronger, more confident, wiser and more loving to yourself, the eating disorder will melt away like snow in the sunshine.

There need not be a fight.

When you fall in LOVE with yourself and your life, you don't NEED the behaviors.


You can put down your weapons.

Instead, your job is to discover and love your authentic self.

No, it’s not easy.  Or quick.  But it’s possible. 

And I’m here to help you.

In order to discover and love your authentic self (and in so doing, break free from the eating disorder that has run your life) you need these three things:

1. Community: Your eating disorder feeds on isolation. Connecting and relating with other beautiful souls who are on this journey with you is a crucial step to full recovery.  As Shannon Cutts says, "Relationships Replace Eating Disorders."

2. Specific Skills and Training to Build Your Self-Love Muscles: Once you are in a nurturing community like our Recovery Soul Tribe, the next step is to learn specific skills to build your muscles of self-love.  These aren’t magical techniques only available to the elite. No. These are tangible, learnable skills that you can begin to incorporate into your life now.

 3. Commitment: The eating disorder has taken a long time to get as strong and powerful as it is.  It will take some time to break free.  The work isn’t always easy, and the road might be long, but you can do it.  I promise.  When you commit to yourself, it will happen.

The Recovery Soul Tribe gives you the first two.  Your job is to bring the third - commitment.

The moment you join our tribe, you are immediately part of a loving and supportive community that has your back and will be there with you for your entire journey.
I’m right there with you and we have an amazing group of inspirational women who have been mentored by me and are in strong or full recovery will be there to help you too.

You are no longer alone.  You will also have a clear, step-by-step roadmap for recovery.  No more feeling lost or in the dark.

I’ve taken this journey and I’ve guided hundreds of women to freedom.  I know the way – the specific skills you need, the steps to follow, the ups, the downs, and the bumps in the road – and I am here to guide you through it all.

Your job is to bring the commitment.  I know it may be tough to commit to yourself.  We have eating disorders because we have trouble loving and taking care of ourselves.

But this is one gift that you are absolutely worthy and deserving of giving to yourself.

Now’s the time to take the one step you need to take for yourself.

We need each other to find freedom.

You can't do it alone.

Join the Recovery Soul Tribe today.

Commit to showing up.  Commit to working on yourself.  Commit to doing the deeper work so that you too can break free and create a life you love.

Join for YOU. Join to CONNECT, to HEAL, to TRANSFORM.

You have nothing to lose but the eating disorder!

What Do You Get When You Join The Recovery Soul Tribe?
When you join the Recovery Soul Tribe you'll be welcomed into an intimate community full of women just like you on their road to recovery, where you'll gain access to me, my team of mentors, and ongoing support, training and lessons to get you from where you are now to fully recovered.
Sacred Healing Community
Your eating disorder feeds on isolation. Connecting with other beautiful souls who are on this journey with you is a crucial step to full recovery.
Step-by-Step Video Lessons
These are tangible, learnable skills to guide and meet you exactly where you are on your recovery path.

Weekly Live Trainings and Q&A
This is where we connect in real-time! Get answers to any specific questions you may have with the amazing support of your recovery soul sisters.
More Of What You Get When You Join...

When you join the Recovery Soul Tribe you'll receive new video lessons from me every week and daily accountability challenges, so that you always have actions to take, skills to master, and big ideas to think about.

When you join you’ll become a part of a private online community where you can connect with all of the other women in the tribe to share what you're going through and support each other on an ongoing basis.
You’ll also be part of a smaller group where you will have ongoing support from one of my personally trained mentors who is in strong or full recovery. This is your family within the tribe, and these women will become your sisters. 

When you join you'll have access to weekly videos and lessons you can work through at your own pace, share your experiences and ask for support in the community when you need it.  This is how you break free and create a life you love... with community, guidance, step-by-step instruction and commitment.
    •     Monthly Membership to the #1 Hottest Recovery Community Online
    •     Weekly Live Stream Trainings and Q+A
    •     Weekly Step-by-Step Recovery Lessons and Homework
    •     Daily Challenges and Accountability
    •     Unlimited Access to The Private Online Community Forum
    •     Dedicated Mentor Group Matching Program
    •     Support from Soul Sisters in Strong or Full Recovery
    How Does The Program Work?
    As a New Community Tribe Member...

    You will receive 5 videos and homework your first 5 days in the tribe.  

    Then, you will receive a quiz to complete which will help you determine which level you are, and will help us designate a dedicated Mentor group for you which will be assigned by the end of your first week with us.

    There are many different levels of support and training for you here, depending on your needs and what fits you best!

    Daily Accountability and Focus

    My Magnificent Mentors and myself will be connecting with you and posting challenges EVERY DAY based on these theme days:

    • Self-Love Sunday
    • Motivation Monday
    • Q+A Tuesday
    • My WHY Wednesday
    • Thankful Thursday
    • Break Free Friday
    • Celebration Saturday

    These daily challenges are designed so that you are able to easily and consistently focus on what is most important and keep taking those baby steps forward in just a few minutes a day.

    Weekly Video Lessons

    You'll receive new video lessons with journaling prompts and action steps EVERY TUESDAY based on the different levels of growth and categories of healing.

    There are four levels:

    • Awaken
    • Discover
    • Practice
    • Master 

    These are based on your level of growth in recovery.  It does not mean one is better than the other, rather it simply denotes our skill level and which areas we feel we want to grow in.

    Within each Level, there are 5 areas in which we will focus our energy:

    • Self-Love
    • Physical
    • Emotional
    • Mental
    • Spiritual
    • Relationships 

    These lessons will be released every Tuesday, and you will receive notification when new lessons arrive in your email.

    Once you are in strong or full recovery with little or no eating disorder behaviors and thoughts for 12 months or more, you are then able to apply for the next levels:

    • Magnificent Mentor
    • Certified Healing for Eating Disorders Coach

    You can then give back and help others as a volunteer Magnificent Mentor or invest and train with me one-on-one and become a Healing for Eating Disorders Coach, so that you can develop your purpose and passion for helping others break free and create a life that they love as well.

    Weekly Live Stream Q+A Trainings

    You can join me every Tuesday for our Live Stream Trainings where you can connect with me, ask questions live, submit questions for me to answer, and receive personalized guidance and support.  

    We rotate each week between AM and PM times, so that no matter where you are in the world, you'll always be able to participate in our live trainings and discussions.

    Magnificent Mentor Groups

    At the end of your first week in the tribe, you will receive a quiz which will help us place you in a smaller group setting with other women led by our mentors, where you can connect, relate and build deeper relationships as you move forward together along this recovery path.  

    Our Mentors are women who have trained with Lauren, have been in Strong or Full Recovery for at least 12 months or more, and are committed to share their own unique personal recovery stories, offer personal insights, be a source of encouragement, and lead their groups by example.

    Overwhelmed?  Get Excited!

    I know this feels like a lot. But trust me, once you become a part of our soul tribe and start really embodying these teachings, learnings and philosophy into your own life, it will start to become second nature to you.

    In spending only 20 minutes a day with us, you will transform from the inside out and you will want to become a member of this Sacred Healing Community for life.

    Ready to Start Your Sacred Healing Journey with Us?

    Is The Recovery Soul Tribe Right For You?
    It is for you if:
    • You have been struggling with an eating disorder for any length of time
    • You’re working with a therapist and you’d like some extra support
    • You just need support and accountability from women who have been through this
    •   You’ve tried everything and nothing has worked
    • You want guidance that meets you where you at right now
    • You need continuous action steps and space to be exactly where you are
    • You need a community of warriors who understand
    What Are Other People Saying?
    These programs are not just about recovering from an eating disorder. They are real opportunities for incredible change, and a chance to have a really beautiful life. ~Andrea, Ontario, Canada
    If you commit 100% to working the program and you truly want to recover... Lauren will help facilitate this amazing transformation in your life. ~Sue, NZ
    "My whole life had changed just by Lauren showing me the possibilities of life after recovery. It’s amazing how this actually works... I really can’t believe how different my life is now." ~Christine
    Oregon, USA
    Lauren’s course is a linear and logical system to get you to heal on all levels, body, mind, and spirit. ~Alisha B., Illinois, USA
    What's the Investment to Join?
    Recovery Programs like this cost THOUSANDS of dollars.

    Just inpatient alone can cost over $1000+ a day.

    But if you get in NOW as one of our first 100 FOUNDING MEMBERS, you will receive this massive amount of value at a FRACTION of the cost.
    You're getting:
    Daily Accountability and Focus Challenges: $197 Value
    Weekly Video Lessons, Journaling Prompts and Action Steps: $1997 Value
    Weekly Live Stream Q+A Trainings: $997 Value
    Private Member Community Forums: $197 Value
    Magnificent Mentor Groups: Priceless

    You'll Receive Over $3,300 of Value for
    ONLY $97 per month  $47 USD per month

    Limited Time Offer
    Who is Lauren Love?
    Lauren Love is the #1 Transformational Leader and Empowerment Coach for Women with Eating Disorders.  Her purpose and passion is to empower women to break free from their limitations and heal on every level — physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually — to create the life of their dreams!

    Lauren has a comprehensive training background and is a Certified Master Practitioner of NLP, Certified Master Hypnotist and is a Certified Mental and Emotional Release® Master Practitioner through the Empowerment Partnership and the Association of Integrative Psychology. 

    She has created her own Healing for Eating Disorders Recovery Coaching Process which creates a unique and empowering experience for her clients many of whom have recovered fully from life-threatening eating disorders and other debilitating health issues such as severe anxiety, depression, OCD and PTSD.

    She works with highly successful perfectionistic women who want to embrace the highest vision for themselves and their lives, who deeply desire to live authentically from the heart and create a life of deep abiding joy, freedom, fulfillment, grace and purpose.  She guides women into embodying their own core truths, through a simple process of self-discovery, self-expression and radical self love.

    Lauren offers Private 1:1 Coaching through her popular Empowerment Program, VIP Breakthrough Retreats, Group Coaching Programs, Online Courses and Live Events.

    She lives in San Diego with her two children ages 6 and 8 and you can typically find her grounding on the beach, traveling the world, doing yoga, lifting weights, or taking her kids to the park.  Lauren’s favorite things include journaling, meditation, deepening her spirituality and reading copious amounts of books on her Kindle.  She also loves good company and dark chocolate 🙂

    She has personally broken free from anorexia, bulimia, depression, anxiety, PTSD and has been helping women break free and create a life they love since 2011.
    Now is the time to BREAK FREE and CREATE A LIFE YOU LOVE!